Charity no. 1171090



Proceeds from Auctions and Raffles
If you are holding an auction or raffle and you are looking for a good charitable cause then look no further! We are happy to work with you to provide support in regular or at one-off fundraising events. This is a great way to increase revenue for us and heighten awareness of our charity. Download a charity fundraising pack for details


Donating Raffle Prizes
We are always looking for raffle prizes and the offer of services as prizes too so if you have some ideas or some items that you think would make great prizes, or can provide us with a voucher etc we would love to hear from you!


Individual Fundraising
Door to door, email, face to face charitable collections etc. Charitable Collections are a common method of raising money for charity, particularly amongst volunteers.


Event Fundraising
Organising events as a means of fundraising can be a great way to involve an array of different people and the community as a whole and benefit the families that Shine a Light support. If you would like to help us by running an event that will raise funds for our work and raise awareness to we would be glad to offer you support.


It can mean fun for you and your friends, colleagues, family and is a great way for us to widen our audience and increase our supporter base.


Coffee Morning! Coffee and cake anyone? We have a great coffee morning fundraising pack which makes it really easy for you to raise money for us! We also hold our own events so keep up to date by following us on social media!


Digital Fundraising
Online communications can be used for a variety of means, including campaigning, raising awareness of ways in which you can donate – helping us to promote our events and news through social media and appropriate web sites is a great way to contribute.