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Shine a Light volunteers help to keep our centre running 5 days a week and are also involved in outreach activities. They help us to launch and manage new projects, they are involved in the community and fundraising events, they help to keep things running smoothly with admin and book-keeping skills and they keep our centre clean and well maintained.

We have a range of roles available within the charity- have a look at our volunteering pack to find out more. Volunteering can take place in our centre in Coventry, at events and you could be working with families affected by childhood cancer if you wish, or in more behind the scenes roles.

There is lots of support available for willing volunteers! You can volunteer a few hours a week, a day a week, at events, on an ad hoc basis or more often. Once you apply to volunteer we will hold an interview and discuss how we can work together.

We have full policies and procedures in place and the facility to carry out DBS checks for all roles that require this. We also pay reasonable expenses and offer induction, training and we can give references for regular volunteers too.


Volunteer with your colleagues, friends, and family or on your own to meet new people. You can volunteer regularly, or at events or as a one-off. We will ensure that you have a worthwhile experience and achieve results during your time with us.

Reasons to volunteer for Shine a Light:

  • Employability – volunteering looks great on your CV and you can learn new skills
  • References  – It can be a great way of getting up to date references and fill in gaps in your work experience
  • New Skills – what a great way to try something you have never done before? You may want to change direction and this experience can give you justthe opportunity to test out lots of different roles for free!
  • Training – we offer training to our volunteers and run our own in-house training courses to help you to make the most of volunteering which in turn helps the families we support.
  • Improve confidence – just helping others and working alongside others can boost your confidence, never mind the actual benefits such as the results of your hard work – your achievements are a great way to move forward
  • Team Building – for companies and organisations volunteering can be a great team building experience
  • New People – grow your circle of friends and help out at Shine A Light at the same time. Volunteering with people who are as passionate about a cause as you are is a great way to meet like-minded people.
  • Improve your health – Getting out and about, working, thinking and learning all ensure your brain and your body is getting a workout

Here’s what our volunteers say:

“I became unemployed and I found it hard to even get an interview – volunteering at Shine a Light has given me a reason to get up and out of the house because I know I am making a difference by my actions. It has also taught me that it is a great way of improving my self-confidence and learning new skills. One of the really great benefits is the lovely people I have met and who I have enjoyed volunteering with. Even when I get a job I will still volunteer for Shine a Light as it has been a pleasure to offer my services to this worthwhile cause and a bonus to feel more positive and part of

a team.”

Have a question about volunteering? See our FAQs 


Enquire about volunteering here (link to volunteer application form)